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Welcome to Ms. Zeno Touch of Class . We are a brand that tailors to men and women with apparel and merchandise including things like handbags,  face mask, clothing and more.


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Welcome to Ms. Zeno Touch of Class

I’m a blues artist Ms Zeno The Mojo Queen. In the midst of the pandemic all my shows cancelled. We offer a variety of items for your shopping needs. Masks, fedora hats and accessories. Enjoy your Touch of Class experience. Thank you. Be safe. Thank you for visiting my online store.


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Welcome to Ms. Zeno Touch of Class. Shop and enjoy a our selection of products.

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Happy Customers

"I love shopping with Ms. Zeno Touch of Class. They have a selection of merchandise that I was able to find useful daily and was at a great price. Im sure that im going to come back again!

Emily Johnson 


"Ms. Zeno Touch of Class provides me with exactly what I need. Their purses and face mask are my absolutely faves. Ill be sure to visit Ms. Zeno Touch of Class again.

Jackie Lawson